M a r v - Yuana

Let's talk about a dirty bitch well I'm gone name her Yuana
Pretty face slim waist looking for a sponsor
The only bags you can buy her must be designer
Before you think about fucking gotta wine and dine her

She start it out real light just play hard to get
Don't know why she not in school cause she smart as shit
She tell you, you can take her out then she cancel it
Keep you stringing along cause she fine as shit

Before she used to barely text now she talking back
Telling you about her day you know, all of that
Pick up FaceTime in her towel then say call her back
Send you leg pics from the tub, ha thirst trap

Now she got ya mind bugging wanna get it that
Visions of bending her over cause that ass fat
You start asking around to get that hoe fax
You hear nothing so you thinking bout wife'n that

Shit seem good she fly and all that man so I gotta bag and tag her but listen

Said if I wanna go to dinner than it's chop house
Then after dinner we can go back to my house
Pick her up around 7 make reservations
Called the spot to handle that no hesitation

I'm thirsty for the box fuck it she can spend whatever
This the reason why I said the chick Yuana clever
Picked her up on time and even brought wine
She at the house with her friend and she just as fine

Yuana said she running late give her 15
Her friend showed me to the living room switch mean
Told me I should take a tour I said ok cool
Her eyes lit up and I guess she figured I'm a fool

She walked me around house stopped at Yuana's room
Lights was low music too knew I was coming soon
She looked so good I would eat that thang off a spoon
No condom fuck it man I'm rawing all up in this poon

It's burning when i pee I gotta find this bitch Yuana
She better hope I don't kill her and that's on my momma
Fuck around and have her missing and that's on my nana
I ain't seen or heard from her swear your honor

Turns out she switch names like she switch cities
Asked how many niggas she burned, about 50
Can't believe this bitch got me I guess I'm to blame
Worst part is Yuana not even her real name

Writers: Marvin Crittenden

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