G. Love & Special Sauce - Free At Last

now im trying to tell you somthing about my life
maybe give you an insight might change your life
*i'm free at last, i'm free at last, i'm free at last
i'm free at last (repeat)
i'm free from fooling around, wasting time
floating in this abyss of your dreadful love
free is a feeling so high up in the sky
higher higher higher
free from the quarrel unsatisfaction
free from the false dream you planted
in me with your submissive love
** now i'm open like the sky
for the sun to shine and colour true
to find me blue
oh what a joy to be free
I'm free from cheating your poor heart
at my own damn expense
the coast was heavy and it rent as a thunder cloud
or hurricane sure racked my brain
a storm sure raged in my heart
now the rain is gone and i am gone
yes i am moving on

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