7evensofuego - Big bad wolf

Yo start that beat up

Should I auto tune or no auto
Lemme know


They wanna ride the wave
But I wanna lead
I had to cut some of my friends
To ensure my victory


Niggas ain't stopping me

You never could jock elites
You never could rock with me

This paper will cover dem rocks
On me

With black on black on me
You niggas not rap athletes
Lemme go clack my cleats

Unknown machine
Too foreign man
Too important man

I could form a team
That can destroy every fucking single thing

Doubting me is gonna slow ya pain
Doubt me and you'll never doubt again

Say it three times
Then you'll hear my name

Niggas think it's a game
I will end the game

Choose another lane
Tf you think I'm sayin?

They wanna ride the wave (Wave)
But I wanna lead
I had to cut some of my friends
To ensure my victory


Shawty I'm back
You Know it

Shawty I'm back

Shawty I'm back
You Know it


Fucked yo ho
Oh now she limping

Keep pimp hand strong for Simpson's
Not gone kill no one, it's tempting

I just pray that no one touch me
I just pray you don't get lucky

Oh just listen
I'm inventing something that could get us money

Uh huh

Be without me
I'mma rider dawg

Never seen as lousy
If we fight you gotta walk it off
Then get right behind me

I'm the big bad wolf

I see the sheep around me

Niggas in a tan coupe

I want green around me

Started to read all these things about me
Wtf I thought we

Had something
Get tf you double crossed me nigga

They wanna ride the wave (Wave)
They wanna ride the wave
The wAnna ride the wave

You can't ride the wave tho
You just can't


I gotta good side arm
And a good right arm (Ok)
I'm always lied on
And Always hired on

Boy I strive hard for my success
You a iron on

Theirs no dialogue
When I'm at war
I'm firing on

Fuck letting bygones be bygones
What you scared for?
You're a python
Imma werewolf

Imma Icon
You're just a "look"

For Halloween
You scary, crooked

If I look, I'll probably have you shook
Too well scripted, Real as a book

You a contradiction
So what's really good?

Stop all this talking, you lying on hood
You say you a legend, you not even good

You sound like the train
That wished that he could

I'm going insane
So we're bringing the hook

Ops no I didn't
I might be a threat

You just don't admit

Can't Expect
Nothing less from this city

Always talking on the internet

Can't even show to the show
You a pussy

You know that I'm gon call you out
Like it should be

Y'all was talking so much
That it pushed me

To become a monster
Just like it should be

Don't overlook me (French) (Who)

Writers: Kenneth Strader

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