7evensofuego - Trg

I like diamonds
I want some diamonds

Oh no
They think I'm weak
For kindness

Shall I remind them
Oh lord

I've dropped my sins
And cleansed my soul

Tried it on my own
And lost control

This rap game gon get married to me
And I'mma peel everybody
If I find out she cheats
I want you everyday

I can't have it another way

I want you so bad
So bad
So bad

I want you fucking everyday

I think about you everyday
Losing you
Is a demon that'll follow me
Love, but the question is do you love all do these
Hardly expired (pired)
Music with quality

I've been too tired (Tired)
Night catching up to me
Playing with fire (Fire)

7 thou degrees

Adding more degrees
How many more to please

Made you a lair (Lair)

You cannot fuck with me
You said I'm just a "feat"
I'm feature and the beat

Understand "unique"

Understanding me complicated
I got these little ones
They look up to me
They be trusting me

I have to make them believe me


I have some problems (Problems)

Solve them (Solve them)

So much to gain
I take away

All of this pain
Is what you say

But why would anyone wanna be painless
Pain is the reason I'm built this way

Fuel your pain
Use it as strength



We Keep thinking bout cha

When I'm on the road
I think I'm all alone
I'm in the zone
Im driving hooooooome

Back like an addict
You never can have it

I'm feeling the friction
That's causing a static

I can not imagine
The way that you feel
The hate in yo heart
I'm feeling Ecstatic

Accumulate money
A Force of a habit

I havvve to
Have it

You backwards

I Climb the ladder
To snatch the belt

And if I fall
Say I fell into baggage

Im meaning a bag
My nigga a savage

I ain't ever gon change
Still want a blakk palace

You the same
Imma star
Like Dallas

Don't be petty off unique shit
Like DJ Khaled

Ain't been too far
But I've came too far
Just to get to get this far
To end in malice

Living ain't hard
But ya when ya living too hard
With tough niggas
What niggas
Watch yo balance

"You think you can fuck with me
You cannot fuck with me
Niggas be rolling round thinking they"

Snatch that mic
These Niggas can't have it

I've been on my grind
I've been Bagging up baggies

They don't pay me no mind

Imma heighten my mind
Maybe get a few books

While I book the baddest

Black chick, Latin
Business patented
All my ex hoes been living the saddest

The past is the past
Gotta let that go

Gotta let that go like my last two flows

Open doors
Even when they got them closed

Pick that lock
Bring in my bros

Tits on the glock
My nigga whoa

Let's get on some drinks

Light them blunts
Be filled with smoke

Party inside
For you everyday

Writers: Kenneth Strader

Lyrics © DistroKid

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