7evensofuego - Ride on me 2

Ride on me

On the darkest night

I watch the roof
And wish that I could jump tonight

What is afterlife
Oh let me wait for Christ

You know he's working right
Become a poltergeist
But that's only half the price

Wealths theirs favorite game
I don't say no names
I don't play they games
They treat me the same
I know I'm a king
Gem or diamond ring
Let this llama Sing
"I don't feel the pain"

But I can't still feel the rain
The chill feels insane
Still a lil sane
Cow Milk kills ya brain

Don't have friends
Cause they been dead
Only blood brothers
We in here

You just started?
I've been here

It's been 8 years
Still no respect
And what I say here
They don't project
So I just protect
My intellect

Keep ya hands fresh

Coming at ya neck

Fight for my respect
This is life or death

I know I am next
Imma die in this

Then they'll call em "hits"
I ain't buying it

I'm supplying it
Stop the lying kid

Idk if I deserve it
Cause I still ain't perfect

Get to know me in person
I'll help you find your purpose

(Ride on me)

Look, I'm not gon be mad if you tell me the truth

But I
Who you wit

Fuck it that's it

I'mma go crazy and empty
The clip

I hope you know baby I'm making a split

You not gonna break me
Or make me convict

Tired of the shit

You said who you was
You not who you is

You told me ya plans
And talked about kids

I don't understand
You acting like this

Thought I had a woman
But You a bitch

Appearance always fades away
As you Fall to the Slippery slide

I live with karma everyday
So you gon get it good
When I ride

Neva I
Give up my bag

For butter

There's more to the pie

I love it (Ma)

No shame in my game
I'm public (Ma)

They tryna see how high

Imma go up
Feeling robust
Y'all don't know us
I'm too focused
To not takeover
The Midwest coldest
Don't catch me sober
You know it's over so


I'm lucid
The truth is

Got options
We cool kids

Not hero's

Been on the track since
Addy milaknockis
Been able to rap since
Jackie Chan's high kicks
Been in a trap with black men & chop sticks

Never chop with niggas
Who brand me in the comments

Shoot me today
Tomorrow ain't promised

I can take over the game with sheer kindness
I rather leave a nigga dead
And astonished

FUEGO vs everybody
I'm reminding

Who you wit
Who you wit?

Writers: Kenneth Strader

Lyrics © DistroKid

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