7evensofuego - Toxic relationship

It all started when I was a kid
Fuck relationships
I just want to make it big
She asked for money
After sucking it
I touched her ribs

Pulled her hips
I licked my lips
And said im such a bliss

Looked at my wrist

Man I can't bring home no basic bitch

Do you know what day it is?

Save it bitch
I have no bitch

Women only raise my kids
Let me switch
Let just confess to this

Ya momma tried to get my dick
But I had to fucking block that shit

Really don't spazz on days like this
Thoughts going too fast on days like this (This)

I leave you on read on days like this
And when the full moons there you know I'll hit

Yo Tone so underlining
Stop it, quit, you fucking lying

Giving up or am I trying
Who am i for womanizing

Beat that pussy up
Pulverize it
Tried to cuff me up

I dont like it
You ain't nothing like a sidekick
What you gon do

Cause they staaay watching

Na na
Nu nuhh

It was great
Had to split
Yo vibe wasn't shit
Changed her attitude quick
Now she saying that these niggas ain't shit


Na na
Nu nuhh

They say niggas shit
Imma Fuck a badder bitch

Cause these bitches ain't shit
But hoes and tricks yeah

I knew a coke dealer
Who knew a coke dealer
With a 8 ball bag
And a 4 wheel wheeler

That coooke almost killed her

Woulda still been with it
But didn't go get her

I left you sad
You wasn't safe
Had to leave my place

I'm outa mind
Outta state

Never gravitate
I have the way
And some faith

Roll a zip
To smoke the pain away

True love just don't go away

When you've been through
And you couldn't take
All that heartbreak
Of that intake
It was mistake
Running off on me
Cause one day
Yo sins will pay

She tried to call me
At 1:28
Sipping brown water
Talking don't be late
She never made me wait
But imma hit that up
I never passed a day
Cause niggas ain't shit

Writers: Kenneth Strader

Lyrics © DistroKid

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