7evensofuego - Just admit it

Stunt nah
Work hard

Want a Full House
Play yo cards
Maybe yo GOD
Can bless y'all

May he test y'all
(And me)

I don't even stress hard

Same nigga with the Blakk Tees
And the next broad

Same nigga
Who can ride waves without a surfboard

Same nigga that can take a break
Then come best y'all

Y'all know the best
In the streets
They respect heart

Took my thoughts
Used it as form of art

Often second thought
In the dark
That wasn't gonna be that BOY

We goin make it large

Yous a decoy
All Bark

Got em butt hurt
No hemorrhoid

Know ya worth
Always come in first

Switch up works
Every single verse
They like "He going"

Down to earth
Imma grab some herbs
And start some weed rolling

Sour Purp
Make my lungs hurt
But imma keep smoking

Keeping smoking niggas
Mind my business
"What is he on"

Want 7 figures
Maybe 8
Let's keep growing!

I'm the type of nigga who is late
But I keep showing

Up all the niggas who is "great"
Cause I know you a

You a bitch (Just admit it)
You a fraud (Just admit it)
You scared (Just admit)

You do nothing for yo city

Imma beast (Just admit)
No leash (Just admit)
On repeat (Just admit)

You ain't real just admit
What up

Imma keep saying that I am great
Til you know great


Never changed my fate
I control my destiny

Imma be on stage

Or gun to my face

You be amazed
Or disgusted by this fake weather

The government don't give af
We gotta stick together

I ain't bout to be in politics
But I ain't standing for whatever

I seen my visions
They in hieroglyphs

So I pulled myself together
I ain't playing with my future man

Y'all can do whatever

I ain't ever been on spring break
Life's been better

In the studio with Ak's
Freestyle with berettas

Got my blade on the side
See im down to fight whoever

Seen tezo with a Mac
And told that nigga he my brudder

But I ain't ever goin back
Saint Joe keep it Gutta

Yeah they love
But don't love you
Or need show it better

I ain't bouta say what's to you
Or seeing if you doing better

If yo loves just a substitute for hate
That's fake

Yo first time
Ended up a long time

I like the way you appreciate the slow grind

Been on the job
You a part time

Not doing any work
Time to part ties

I can see you with these hawk eyes
Snakes in the grass
Don't touch mine

Niggas tryna pass me
And ghost mine
No time for amateur videos
It's Pro Time

Haven't had Pro Time
But I know I'm better than these rappers that they co sign

Niggas yous a actor
You just changed emotions 3 times

"Nah I think hes crazy"

I would've known
That's my kind

They don't understand me
So I'm labeled in the meantime

In the meantime
I'll mold the weak minds

My prestige increases
Every single line

That's includes a ring of feeces
I love my shit MOM
Cause I'm shit MOM


Seeing yo sex text
And a nigga started dancing

Watching my next ex
As she struggles with her family

Asking for money
Baby I really don't have any

Studio prices are really bouta be
Bad for me

All of these rappers is really pussy
And don't have any

Shawty just gimme ya cookie
Then you can dance with me

I'll stop playing hooky
If you make plans with me

You've been playing with me
Haven't been staying with me

How did you leave so quickly

It never
Was easy with me

I never perceived you with me

I'm lying
I want you with me

I'm lying
Emotions iffy

Despise all the things that you do
To stick with me

So tempting

Vanity lifestyle haunts me
Scrolling through IG

I've seen bad bitches
That's been right beside me

Fly to LA
For some pictures
Then come and try me

"Step up yo game nigga
You need to get behind me"

Getting to pick up
Having the sickest of hiccups

Ya need to stop being depressed

I really need to stop denying
That bitches throw themselves at me while I wish em them all the best


Writers: Kenneth Strader

Lyrics © DistroKid

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