7evensofuego - Karma (feat. mctres)

KARMA looking out for karma
KARMA looking at this Karma
KARMA looking over karma

Don't let enimies
Invade my space


Haven't seen me yet
Ill pull up

Back as a bully
In this heartless age

Niggas don't play
Ah ah ah

Back on the stage
And I'm ready to rage

Fuego s the name
I live in the flame
And harboring pain
I need that to Change
You know what I'm saying?

Back to the niggas whose making it hot (Hot)

Just like the pot
And I whip it like Salt and peppa
Like Willows in the spot

Cream of the crops
Ah ah ah

You ticking me off
When you look at my watch! (WATCH)

Niggas ain't sweet
You thinking it's me

But im lowkey sour
Lemon drops

I'm ready to pop


You know we have something that's potentially gonna change our lives

Still taking
Still walking

Runaway from conflicts
Still not a option

I ain't got no problems with you
If you true to me

If I come to rescue you
Would you wanna leave

Obvious you not gon stop me from rolling
I take all this smoke
Then I pop on yo block

And I promise you not gonna see what I'm holding

You hold all these questions
And asking a lot

With yo life in my hands
I just hope that you rot

Ain't no sense in me pulling a glock
Catching 25
In a new cell block

I box out the toxic

The lord and the prophets
They holding my spot


Writers: Kenneth Strader

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