7evensofuego - Rwuorfu

Imma killer

Ain't nothing realer
East side dealer

I keep cds with us
Original spitter

They Don't remember
Nun of yo music on the other side nigga

Fuck the otherside
Plans go from 0 up to 95
Real nigga

Pushing buttons

Older cousins trained for horror

Sure to ride

Unknown subject
Press it to ya waist


Keep riding
Till you override

The whole crew died

Quadruple homicide
I ain't playing with you guys

LOOK At the fucking sky
I ain't letting shit fly

The flies on shit
Gon sit by

Abe let that beat drop

Imma see you on the other side nigga (Who)

Run with us
Or run from us
You niggas not fucking with us


Who wanna ride
I got shawtys at crib let's slide

Too fucking live

I told you this year I would make it mine

Reach for the skies
Imma shooter boy don't waste my time

Seek your demise
Know you playing with a homicide

They always wanting the best of me
Ceasing the flow and my destiny
Half of you rappers not even impressing me

Half of you just end up prepping me
Levitating these levels indefinitely
Peaking peaking impressively

Never besting me
Or showing recipes
For your expertise

Cuz you not cheffing me

Woah I just curved a model

Now she gotta walk with sorrow

You give up today?

How you goin push hard tomorrow?

I don't ever play
I just play my part
You follow

This is 7 mile
I'll leave the trailer parks
For Marshall

Writers: Kenneth Strader

Lyrics © DistroKid

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