7evensofuego - Ride on me

I don't wanna

Say too much
I just...

I just need you to
Ride on me

I've been suffering through a lot
I've done wrapped around the block

I've been twisted by the matrix
To make it to the top

Never slowlyin
Neva stop

Keep yo head up
Get yo guap

Make my bed up
Then I'm out

Put yo chin up
With no doubt

Staying running on tippy toes
Running from my funeral

Taking risk
Don't gamble tho

Untill my check reached 7 O's

Make a slut walk
Like Amber rose

Can't expose
The pre exposed

Can't make love to all these hoes

I'm not too thug
Just comfortable

Quit ya screaming
Nigga is you scared

Beware of monsters and these demons

Never unprepared
And I've got reasons

This ain't truth or dare
Just a wicked season

Welcome my lair
Real werewolf speaking

Baby ride on me

Living thru a maze
Niggas is crazed

I gotta watch it
When I speak these days

They hearing me pray

I gotta surf sometime
It's personal

They hating in waves
But still they wave

Don't let us collide and create a tsunami

One of these days
You niggas gon pay
Not talking bout blood
Im talking bout "ay"
Talking bout cash
Tf did you think?
I Came from the mud

And don't even stank

Unlike the bud
I smoke in a mink

Imagery on yo bitch ass rank

In this whole dam thing

Go head to head
But I know you can't

Can't change the times
Tried many times

Lets elevate
And reach the minds

Get out my way
Leave the marathon

I've got the strength to carry on
Got that strength like Barry bonds

No needle
And not in my prime

Get better with time
And still don't wine

Not taking nun

Molly wopping
Frantic lil niggas

I'm about to run these niggas

They treated me
Like a foreign nigga

Imma show you who's foreign nigga

Writers: Kenneth Strader

Lyrics © DistroKid

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