7evensofuego - The race

Switch it up
Huh I give too much
Live it up

Huh you giving up
This not working out
I think I think too much

Too many dilemmas bruh
Living in a rush

Just come here in on time
You know we gon fuss

I'm all about mine
But im working for us

I'm making good time
You want me to rush (Rush)

My nigga I'm rushing enough

I'm hustling
You know they can't keep up with us

I make enemies
Cause they hating us

I break enemies
When they're taking on us (US)

You're no relation to us

It's 4 in the morning
I drive on my lonely
A cop pulled me over
You stupid I'm sober

Weed all up on me
I loosened the loop
To put in my pants

We're clear
And it's over

Take some risk
You fail and it's over

My fear of going to fail is over

Gotta glock and spear
Prevailing solider

Shock my peers
And bail my soldiers

Break the mirrors
Reflection here

Is only for looking over

All of my problems
I'm thinking them em over

We gonna be Super nova

Ambitions are getting no closure

I'm working
I feel like a slave

They standing me up
Then kicking me over

You cannot tell me how to behave

Shits gonna be okay (Who)
It's all gon be okay

I just gotta get my dough up
Just gotta get in the race

I wanna win the race


If it's not too late

I'd ask America
But somethings in the way

I'm so timeless
I'm so timeless
Rewind this
Where did you find this? (Where'd you find this)
Nvm that (Nvm that)
I'll find that (I'll find that)
It's the climax

Only pure I wanna see in my eyes
Jewelry can be seen as disguise
You talk positive but wanna die
I wonder why (I wonder why)
You don't know why (I don't know why)

Opens ya eyes
The devils lie

I'll be surprised
If we live through the night

Send me a message
And imma take flight

Hitting 80 On I-29
You gave me the GREEN

Im running through lights

We work as a team
We have the same mind

Okay I'm lying
You just offended me
And now you're ready to fight

I said some things to make weep
I didn't wanna make you cry

I need me a stronger chick
You need to find a weaker Guy

You couldn't even take the dick
You had me hitting from the side

It's really unfortunate
I wanted you

In my life

Writers: Kenneth Strader

Lyrics © DistroKid

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