7evensofuego - Respect momma

I told mom I was gon be a show STOPPA
I told my mom I was gon be a show stoppaaa

She I know you gonna be a show STOPPA
She said I know you gon be my show STOPPER

Imma gonna lose it

Vibe to the music
Live for the movement (Follow the movement)
Don't you confuse it (Don't confuse it)
We exclusive (We exclusive)

Please go stupid yeah
Absolutely yeah
Don't refuse me yeah (Yeah)

We running the game
We live in the MO

But If we say names
They never will know

I feeling that pain
You niggas should know

You getting some fame?
I wanting some mo

It's moving too slow

Once I get it
I got it
Lets GO

All of ya tissue is missing oh no
All of my niggas is ready to boast

But humble remains
Except for these flows
My niggas ain't changed
We living the most

Strach that last thing I'm living the most
Lonewolf dawg
I feel like a ghost
Tryna get bread
And not burn this toast

That went ova ya head
Like a head wrinkle

Don't get mad
You don't want this smoke

All that pride
You don't have no hope

For 45 you can jump this rope

Boy go and try
Imma make you croak

Man no one lied
When they said you going have enemies
When they love you mo

I Juke and jive
Can't duck these hoes

Gotta UP these hoes

In close corners
And they getting close

Hol up wait a min
I forgot imma goat

I told my momma that I wanna buy choppa
I told my momma that I wanna buy choppper

She said she don't me to get a choppa (Noo choppa)
She said she don't want me to get a chopper

Errrr im gonna lose it
Buy new music
Women abuse me (Women abuse me)
Men act ruthless (Men act ruthless)

Only the finer I need
My sins is getting me (Me)

They start more violence than me
See this ain't helping me

I'm Tryna have a wealthy lead
Niggas suppressing me

You won't get the best of me (Please)
Better quit testing me

I keep my money out the bank
I don't trust the bank

I'm wanna build a private bank
So fuck what you think

I'm out doing things you can't
I am what you ain't

Ebonics got you all confused
Dawg Respect my slang (Respect it)

Niggas ain't seen me
Fore they tried to try me
Why you talking reckless (Reckless)

If you hostile in the environment
Make sure you have a exit

If you stepping
Nigga you will be silenced
A monk is quite effective

Just accept it
We in the darkness Shinning
Staring at yo death wish

You Elastic
You too fucking spineless
Backwards for these bitches

I'm protected
And too fucking timelines
Neck is in my clinches

You defenseless
Empty vessel

Won't help you amend this

Imma witness
To you niggas problems
Please just come and fix it
I've got business

Writers: Kenneth Strader

Lyrics © DistroKid

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