C. allah aka smooth - Knight in shining armor

Looking back thinking when I was an aldsecence
Got my heart broke a few times
I didn't have a blessing
How did I get the money cars yeah all the blessings
People pretend on you when you start receiving blessings
But not there for you when you at the bottom stressing
Friends fry you in the end that's my giving message
If you understand me then you understand my message
Some of my songs should be in the bible cherish
I'm kicking knowledge on these beats
Don't do the knowledge second
Instead I use my knowledge as my important weapon
Instead I use my understanding as my greatest weapon
Don't like rapping about violence or deadly weapons
Instead I make music for the kids that's getting kill by weapons
By police or gang bangers banging deadly weapons
But do the knowledge before the wisdom keep you from guessing
If think before you speak it can teach you a lesson

I'm a Prince Charming and your a Cinderella
Girl It's raining out here come under my umbrella
It feels best to cuddle with you in any weather
When your heart around my heart girl it feel better
Wrap your love around my heart like the last sweater
The bed room is our gym nobody test me better
The bed room is our gym nobody works me better
I'm building in these streets or any weather
I traded in my good deeds for a better karma
My good deeds came back with better karma
Helping kids in the streets buts still counting commas
Never took a trip overseas like to see the Brahmanas
The only women that taught how to build was my momma
That's why I speaking so advance call it futurama
I want kids in this world girl without the drama
So I need a queen not a babymomma

Writers: Raheem Ricks

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