Frankee - I told you so

Today i got a message
I was expectin
Came from you
Sayin you hate him
But to get it verbatim
I'd have to curse like you do
I'm not sayin its your fault
I'm not sayin he werent rwrong
But before we go into that
I wanna get my point across

[B sec:]
(what went down, never had to go down
Down down down down)
I didnt have to be this way
You didnt have to see this pain
Thats all around you now
You was iggin me
When it was drizzlin
And now you feelin the rain
Its like pourin on you
Dont ever say i never warned you

I dont mean to rub it in
But i told you so
You asked me as a friend
But i gave my best advice
When i told you no
Hes not the one for yous
S'what i said
But you had to find that out on your own
You're so grown
Well lemme guess
He got what he wanted
Left you alone and
He dont call no more
I told you so

So i guess you feel bad enough
As it is and you should cause i told ya
And you're kickin yourself
Right bout now over this
Dont wanna see you hurtin this way
Well i guess you'll know for next time
Just what to do
No matter how many opinions you get
You'll know who to listen to

[B sec]

I can feel ya pain
I know youre hurt
Cause ive been down that
Exact same road before
Im just sorry i couldnt help save you
From his low dirt
Quit callin for him
You should call on ya girl


Uh huh
But i told ya
But i told ya!

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