Frankee - I do me

Meet this girl right here with her own money,
I got a Benz in my garage,
House with my name up on the lease,
I don't need to ask for yours,
I got my own it feels so sweet,
Knowing that I worked so hard to make my dreams reality

It's whatever 'cuz forever I stay on my grind all day and nite,
Can't be mad at me for anything,
'Cuz I hustle hard just so I can eat,
Got bills to pay, Tryna make my way,
Struggling everyday it amazes me,
And I gotta keep moving on. I'll still be going strong

So anything I want it's all there for me
There ain't no limits involved; I get it for me
And I don't need your help this is the way I choose to be
There is one rule for my life
I rely on me

I don't mean to brag about all the things that I got
And I don't need you tagging along when I work so hard for mine,
Anything I got is real and it won't stop right here...
'Cuz anything I have I get with my own blood, sweat and tears

This is for all of y'all, ain't afraid of getting yours,
handle you biz and you got your own ends,
All the girls and all the boys,
If you got a job, you'll work real hard,
get your ass out on the floor,
Plenty to spend and go and do the damn thing
'Cuz this is for all of y'all

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