G-$antana - Psychedelics

I love this vibe
I feel blue
Like light blue

Hey pretty lady, really whats your name
Can I talk to you, buy you a drink (Drink)
I can come on over, roll up some dank
You can roll your blunt, and I can roll my jay (Jay)
We can escape, do some different thangs
And if you feel my steez we can go up on a date (Date)
We can make a move (Move)
We can hit the zoo
And when we got our shades on know we in the groove
Usually I'm solo, something like I'm solo (Solo)
But when I'm with you yeah I want to be in Soho
And your pigment rojo, yeah that's for sure though
And you love my style and the freestyle flow though
Yeah I'm smoking on these white girls with the pearl though
With the clipper lighter, go ahead and spark it (Spark it)
Go ahead and park it (Park it)
In my damn room (Room)
We can go ahead and do what we want to do (Do)
Moving to the groove, popped a couple shrooms (Shrooms)
Love them psychedelics make us hit the moon
Like I'm Mike Jack, I beat the beat up
Smoking on this green, while I kick my feet up
And I get my feet rubbed, then I rub your feet girl
Same two yeah we a match made in heaven what 'bout you
Pharmacy what 'bout you, rolling doobies in the room
Felling so groovy with the tune ouu

(Might have made a hit bruh)

One step ouu
Take mmm mmmm mmm
Aye what is it (What is it)
One step
We just having fun

Writers: Jalaal Myers

Lyrics © DistroKid

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