B.anderson - O.m.g. (prod. alexander lewis)

Oh my
On a roll
No dice
I be on the road when it’s go time
I be on the phones for the gold mine
I be in the zone when I’m on line
I be making songs and they all fire
I ain’t chasing h*** cause they all mine
All my niggas riding til the wheels stop spinning
If it’s in my will, they’ll kill em
I be tryna chill, I ain’t kidding
Bottom line I’m still that n****
Catch me in the field, I’m collecting kills
COD you DOA when s*** get real
PSA I’m one of one, I’m only here
To f*** up what you heard, Tyson, Holyfield
Yea, we in this b**** forreal
I am cold as ever but I never chill
I'm really that guy
I’m like the full serving, you half-sized
Your girl was a fan and you chastised
So she came to the crib and got baptized
I’m such a blessing, I know it
Don’t get it bent though, I’m not for heroics
I’m just a rapper you ask for a poet
Well pour up and watch all the words start to flourish
I’m over the bar, lemme put you on notice
I’m so ahead and you know you a novice
No filter it’s better when I don’t I control it
The humble s*** over, found out it was bogus
I’m just coming from the Southside, we Outside
We keen to the girls with they mouths wide
I'm a king, i'm a pro, i'm a fun guy
Bet the green finna grow like it's fungi
Oh My God
From Southside to Your Side to Worldwide
We got the whole world like
Oh my God
Oh my God

Writers: Brandon Anderson

Lyrics © DistroKid

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