Dtrey - Giratina (feat. louverture)

Pull up with some gold around my neck call me giratina
So above you niggas I get gassed off each kilometer
Your type? Null, your invalid, think you dropping ether?
I tear through clique bitch I’m a mf dream eater
Hoe I’m in yo region with a doublade, I don’t want to talk
Claim you want to battle till I drop you like a thunderbolt
My team be team rocket: once again they gone be blasting off
Thinking you a steel type but you fairy, boy we know you soft
“Lou why you going off” bitch cause I could
Would I do it again? If I could man I would
Grown ass men love the press the kid but I ain’t shook
Finna call up the team, sunny day: have you cooked
On another level I am on another echelon
Always stay evolving everstone could never block me off
Steel type klefki: I’m the key to shorties box
Came up from the dirt just like a diglett this the aftershock (Bitch)
Guillotine a rapper Imma drag em to the post
Call me Giratina after Imma dragon and a ghost
Put the burner to his noggin then I'm clappin till it smoke
Kill the whole Elite Four, Lance was cappin in a cloak (UH)
Dragon breath, turn him into Ash, Me and Gary swapped
"Shadow Sneak" a freak and leave her leaking with her cherry popped
Barely droppin' verses cause these rappers know I wrote the best
Said he wanna battle till I pulled up with the Pokedex 
Abstract cause I'm bored with the norm
I can travel time and space when I'm in "Origin Form"
And my swagger on confusion, my demeanor make you tipsy
Make a psychic trainer wet, I fuck Sabrina til she Misty (Damn)
Rock mics, rock type, every bar is hard
Game over spit a flamethrower like I'm Charizard
Voted people's choice, put the Ballot down bitch
Rollin up Professor Oak, I'm on my Pallet Town shit (AHHH)

Writers: Darius Brown , Louverture Frederic

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