Wade bowen - Yours alone

Brown liquor in my hand
brown liquor in my blood
drinking on a mission and not afraid of love
she appeared like a vision 
a dream in my head
the next thing I remember
I woke up in a hotel bed

We fell in love on whiskey
one shot at a time
that old Kentucky bourbon made her mine
sometimes what you're drinking
is best left on the vine
We fell in love on whiskey
fell apart on wine

perfume on the pillow
but i cant recall her face
she did not leave a number
no she did not leave a trace
theres an empty red wine bottle sitting on a broken old tv
bloodshot eyes in the mirror staring back at me

I got shakes and a heartache
brought on by alcohol
I never saw her sober if she was ever real at all
my drunk imagination is a damn dark place to go
I just sit here haunted knowing that I'll never know

Writers: Wade Bowen , Sean McConnell

Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music , Inc.

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