Frxnkii - Cardiac

Listen at the pace I'm working they gon' need a breather
Niggas really funny when they call me for a feature
I remember when they said they was not a believer I mean now it look like all these Niggas copped a fuckin' seizure
I'm so sick I talked to God my guy told me I'm ill
Overdosed on talent he would asked me how I feel
He said those who finna listen in it for the thrill
I told him I need some time cause my flow gave me chills
People talking shit I pull up then they catch a cardiac cause
I'ma keep the pressure till a nigga cop a heart attack
They gon' hear the double click when I come out with fifty mags you
Niggas think you catching bodies i pull up with body bags
Somebody gimme the smoke can you gimme the smoke cause I'm burning like vapors
Everyone said that I'm boutta famous I'm laughing at all of the haters
Lotta you people would tell me that I wasn't gonna be anyone major
Lotta them right because I told myself I was gonna be somebody greater
Bitches row the boat but they drownin' in the saltiness, it's obvious
I'm Feeling like Poseidon with the godliness
That's a joke cause to be real I do not fuck with cockiness
These people that don't fuck with me be sitting in the audience
It's a different season nigga I'm still getting colder
I'ma keep applying pressure till they rollin' over
Show up with my presence they salute me like a soldier
I, got this scoliosis niggas carried on my shoulder
Woah, I think I am pessimistic and I'm loco
Aim for anybody then i call that shit a low-blow
I do everything myself I only do it solo
Cause we cannot collaborate I do not fuck with bozos
Time is of the essence but they always taking guesses
And I always gotta stress it I could never second guess it
I been writing all this music ever since an adolescent
And I'm never gonna stop until these niggas get the message
Where do I start? Where do I start
Everyone fighting to rip me apart
Rip me apart? Rip me apart
All cause I tried and I put my heart
Put in my heart? Put in my heart
I am the one that be leaving a mark
Leaving a mark? Leaving a mark
Did it myself and I came from the dark
I think I lost the mojo if I'm being fucking honest
But I'll still be dropping records and I say that as a promise
This shit isn't new to me I'm not no fucking novice
Even though it took a minute I know my that talent flawless

Writers: Frank Hincapie

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