Faith Evans - Come Over

Won't you come over and make love to me,
'cause I haven't seen you in a while.
Really miss your smile, oh.
Won't you come over and make love to me.
Baby I want you.

Verse 1:
Every time we're together, I feel a special part of me,
Drawing me closer...closer to you, baby.
I can't's just a magic that we share.
Something between us two.


Verse 2:
Sitting here in my window, thinking of nothing but your face.
Oh, baby, I try to remember how it used to be,
When you used to love me,
Love me everyday.

I don't wanna fight ya. I just want you to see,
That you are the one, the only one
That's for me.
Baby, let me show ya, there's no greater love.
Baby I love you for the things you,
And I want you to come over.



Won't you come over (x2)
Baby I just wanna make sweet love,
Just wanna show you, you are the one.

Gotta show you you are the one for me, i know!
Baby i know you are the one,
i gotta make sweet love to you baby, everyday...

(repeat 'til end...)

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