Forsaker - Cold (feat. shaun cox of daybreak)

When I'm alone
Hell becomes my home
A rotten mind is all I have
With nothing else to add
Nothing else to add

Dead to the world or dead to myself?

Breaking and aching
Fake smiles make me

They're scared to see the light
These voices don't just haunt me at night

My mind is set in stone
I belong in hell

Dead to the world or dead to myself
Feels like a poison in me but not in anyone one else
I never thought I would get here
I never thought I would feel so cold

I do this to myself
But I am reaching out
Screaming out for help
No one can hear me now

There's no escaping
My mind was stuck shaking

Another life slipped away
Two minutes and no beat or pulse
Life was not yet done

The release of DMT
Hallucinations was all I could see
Choking on myself
I didn't ask for help

No more tears left to cry
In love with the idea; I must die

Dead to the world or dead to myself

Don't see
Don't speak
Just sink

In the face of death I shyed away
To wake for another day
I must accept that I shall just eventually just fall into decay

I refuse to grow old
I am so cold

Writers: Brodie Servin , Shaun Cox

Lyrics © DistroKid

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