F-T-M - Enter (Intro)

Enter (Intro)

I wane bring back the rap game
Cuz we lost it
We lost the spirit of rap
Back in the 90's
(Writing machine)
(Writing machine)
Back to the rap game

ey yo, time is come'n
F-T-M stepping in (Car slide)
Putting the cards on the table
Playing steady to win
My lines under progress of rise
They hitting hard
In love with the action like Bruce Willis in Die Hard (Reloading)
I searching to find a unique style to drop a rhyme
Lay it down in a special way
So I can say
[Dat shit is mine]
I wane be the one
The man topping mountains
The bullet inside the gun
The king on the throne with a shining armor
A soldier on a mission with a medal of honor (Beat changing)
I don't need no bomb ass beat
Cuz my vocals killing (Beat changing back )
Feeling like an outcast that always concealing
Sometimes its too hard to speak out off your heart
So you keep things inside
Let them go in the dark
I wane give you something
For now and to eternality
Something explosive (Bomb)
Marked with the immortality

(Marked with the immortality)

(Marked with the immortality)

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