B.a. - If you wanted to

You can look me in the eyes tell me that we were
Made for each other
Then soon enough I’m a name on your
List of ex-lovers
Doesn’t matter what you say
Doesn’t matter what you do
Cause I’m still hauling ass chasing after you
We should be kissing, cuddling, and holding hands
But now you have the upper
Doesn’t matter if I’m losing my mind
Just as long as you think everything’s fine
What I need you’re just not giving
But you’re here so I guess that this is living
Take me out one on one quality time
Is that too much
Baby you can decide
I could start the day waking up to you
If you wanted to
We could take a walk and discuss our feelings
Or bring your friends
I’m okay fifth wheeling
We could make some plans that’ll fall right through
If you wanted to
You could waste my time cause I’m letting you
If you wanted to
You say you can’t wait for the day when
We’re always together
Based on how it’s going now I’ll set a
Reminder for never
When you always make me laugh
When you kiss me on my lips
Doesn’t make up for the emptiness
I’m not complaining I’m just saying there are games that you keep playing
I think we can do better
Doesn’t matter that I’m losing my mind
I won’t tell you because everything’s fine
You don’t have to go it alone
I’ll stay on my end of the phone
Trying hard making sure that this won’t end
Are you there, am I even your girlfriend
I know a few things that we could do
If you wanted to
I go through the worst and I show composure
One thing’s wrong for you and like that we’re over
We’re stuck in a rut but we’d make it through
If you wanted to
You could waste my time and I’m letting you
If you wanted to
We’re taking blows but we’ll recover
Have you always been rose-colored
Is there more that I could do
Cause I’ll do it to stay with you
Do you want me to come over
I’m thinking it might bring us closer
You could tell me if I’m annoying you
If you wanted to
You know I hate asking for attention
Oh by the way
Forgot to mention
If you need me I’ll be here for you
If you want me to
You can break my heart but it’s up to you
If you wanted to
And we’ll still be friends according to you
Since you want us to

Writers: Bethel Afful

Lyrics © DistroKid

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