Eve - As i grow

turn your negative into a positive
this one is for the kids

people hear me when i talk to ya
as i grow
people try to break me
but i still stand strong
cause this life that im livin
its all my own
and cant nobody take me off
this path i travel on
people hear me when i talk to ya

im in the position to help alotta people
when im lovin
but people that claim they love me
wanna take advantage of it
???????toss alotta lies
cant trust a soul
you see the swellin in my eyes
let my pen stab the page
sometimes i feel rage sometimes i feel trapped
got me locked in the cage
but i break free wont ever let the anger overtake me
cuz actions of another never break me or make me
i never let em change me picoooooo
and no matter what i always wish success to those who hate me
the ones they call my enemies
who really only wanna be friends with me
on the other hand surrounded by the greatest team
wouldnt trade ma for nothing not for anything
thank you for givin me your best
and i appreciate givin your everything and nothin less


i live my life in a semi chest
my heart beats strong
sometimes contaminated by the pest
and yea i know im livin blessed
and if i didnt make it here my life would be a mess
cant live a life of fear
all that gets you is nowhere surrounded by a bunch of stress
and i always had a hard head
had the choice to play around with life
or listen to what god said
so i straigten up im doin right
growin every year
hey yo this thing aint happen over night
but i still got a lot to do
and never givin up
cuz anything i feel i know its possible
dont ever let people discourage
plant your seed of dreams baby and let em flourish
lettin you know what i know
as i live my life and as i grow

all we want you to know is......we love you eve

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