Xander - Bust down

So I pull up in that drop top
Mob hot
Baby hit it low cause I ain't fucking with that vata
And I'm boolin with that fa fa
If you think I'm playin the choppas they goin
Ra ra
Got me hallucinatin
I gotta go

I had 22's
I kept it tuck
I'm faneto

If you fuck with me
Or touch my money
I let it go

You should let me
Come on over
But keep it on low

I know

The drip cold

And I hit the folks
Ion really give a fuck
But you know
I got the dough

And I'm sniffing on some blow
And she gave me top
I ain't fuckin with a hoe

With my niggas
I be boolin
We be foolin
And I'm coolin
Bitches lookin at me and they fuckin droolin
I can't do it
So I'm
Knocking that bitch now she down on the flo
Got my drip up now my wrist is on cold
Fuck is you takin bout I just want my poe
So gimmie the dome dome

If you trynna fuck

I ain't fuckin for some love
Baby I'm a thug
I'm just trynna bussa nut
Bitch I'm geeked uh
Ion really wanna leave huh
If you fuck with me you I'm getting top or then I leave her
I need that gas like it's amnesia
Im downin tequila like it be water sonorita
I'm zappin como se lo peka
you ain't getting my visa you actin stupid
Bitch I'm fucked up
Ion really give a fuck
If you givin fucks
Then you suckin my nigga up!

Go stupid
I'm zooted
I be feelin like I'm booted
Bitch i knew it!
I threw it
We be boolin
Like it's tooted
And i'm coolin
I do this
We just roll up and we zoomin
And if you trynna fuck
I ain't fuckin for some love
baby i'm a thug
I'm just trynna bust a nut!

Writers: Marko Diaz

Lyrics © DistroKid

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