Eric Bogle - Now I'm Easy

Well for fifty years and more I've been a Cocky
Of fire and flood and drought I've lived through plenty
This country's dust and mud have shared my tears and blood
But it's nearly over now --now I'm easy

I married a young girl whewn I was twenty

She died giving birth when she was thirty

No flying doctor then just a gentle old black Jin
But it's nearly over now-- now I'm easy

She left me with two sons and a daughter

And a bone dry farm who's soil cries out for water
The care was rough and ready

But they grew up fine and steady

But it's nearly over now -- now I'm easy

My daughter married young and went her own way
My two sons lie dead by the Burma railway

On this land I've made my own I've learned to be alone
But it's nearly over now -- now I'm easy

City folks these days despise the Cocky

They say with subsidies and all we've had it easy
But theres no drought or starving stock

On your sewered suburban block

But it's nearly over now -- now I'm easy

Repeat 1st verse and endit..
Hope you enjoy this half as much as I do.

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