Erasure - Brother And Sister

When I was young
I would scream blue murder
'Til I had my own way
Run from the family
And tell of a story to spite my elders

'Round and 'round, the boy in the garden of lies and science fiction

Brother and sister and father of mine
Keep us together and keep us in line
A lot we depend on, a lot we can do
Send love to mother, I'll be good to you

To pollute the mind of a minor
The only escape from the rigours of life
Pretend we're a family and try to believe in the virtues of truth

'Round and 'round, caught up in the tangle of lies and deception


'Round and 'round x 16

Chorus x 2

But still we're going 'round, the boy in the gaden of lies

Chorus x 2

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