Enya - My! My! Time Flies!

My! My! Time Flies! One step and we're on the moon
Next step into the stars
My! My! Time flies! Maybe we could be there soon
A one-way ticket to mars

My! My! Time Flies! A man underneath a tree
An apple falls on his head
My! My! Time Flies! A man wrote a symphony
It's 1812 (eighteen hundred and twelve)

My! My! Time Flies! Four guys across Abbey Road
One forgot to wear shoes
My! My! Time Flies! A rap on a rhapsody
A king who's still in the news
A king to sing you the blues

My! My! Time flies! A man in a winter sleigh
White white white as the snow
My! My! Time flies! A new day is on its way
So let's let yesterday go
Could be we step out again
Could be tomorrow but then
Could be 2010 (two thousand and ten)

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