M.born - It's all love

I said what Have we Become to?
We use to be congruent but now we look confused
Convoluted in our views, we used to love
But now all we do is argue and kick and fuss
Speaking of us I've been waiting for this moment
Focused keeping open focus on my motives closing in
Floating on a dream like an ocean breeze
When I'm flowing over beats you can hear me growing-Freeze
Stay cool in the middle of the heat
In the middle of Middle East I've been a beast since little league
Sixteen I was literally, mean I mean lyrically
Fiend, Crème of the crop ain't no stopping us
A breath of fresh air in the thick of the metropolis
They say the apocalypse is here, but I don’t follow it
Cuz this is just the beginning, now try and swallow it
The walking dead watch the "Walking Dead" and they're following
Blind in their consciousness it's kinda sick
Cannabis burning in the sun
My life always started on the one when the drum hits
I let the sun kiss my face as I embrace life
Use to have stage fright, chop beats in the late night
And work early bird gets the worm and
Trying to make an earning, merging through traffic
Trying not to panic, panning left and right through these mannequins
Just so I can make rent
Trying to fight my way in
I’m here to make statement
The life's limitless, salvage my innocence
Trying to make sense of it, chase dividends
Pardon me, that’s just a part of me
It’s just the art in me
Pardon my honesty
It's all heart and artery, it's all love
Love, I’m not trying to preach it
Funny how we always lose the ones that tried to teach it
Now that's the secret, it’s all love

Writers: Carlo Nuevo

Lyrics © DistroKid

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