Emmi - What Do You Want From Me

I carve in stone all that you did
Nothing has escaped my eye

I know your crimes 'cause I memorise
And everything is tattooed in me

You can lay blame, and you can still say
Oh, you either live or you die, but you're mine

I guess I could
Fight, I guess I could lie

But then again luck's on your side
But I was here first, and I'm first in line

Now let me see you pull out your rights
What do you want from me? (I forgive you, I pretend
That I'm blind)

Spell it out for me (I'll erase you from the back of my mind)

What do you want from me, I have no guarantee
You got your city and lights and your will to be seen

Admire me now, admire me well
I strike a pose very well

Your feelings are hurt, but so could be mine
Evidently I don't mind
I stay here

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