Watkin tudor jones - Sun on my face

This isn't happening
Fuck the plot here let me help you lose it
Here's the part where they merged again to distort and I start acting stupid
I'm trapped inside this silly human body and I'm beginning to feel claustrophobic
So change the channel before I poke in your fragile little mind and start to probe
With a specialized mind science is the study of human behaviour in relation to the mind
Master compresses backdoor transference interface with the rhyme
I'm coming at you like the pavement through this warped landscape Like a ghost rocking a carcass
Behold my light but do not touch I was tumbling into my darkness
Stay streamlined
Smoke spit snuff it while your pants fall off your arses
Me and my trusty hell-bent Outlast this engineering catharsis
Anonymous anarchist Post mathematical ones sway to the rhythm
I skywalk impossibly Tip toe over heads
While the drums wade through the syrup Sir excuse me
Never a moment to myself (Vomo is in a waat)
I don't feel like speaking to anyone I'm busy designing a new world

I am a brave man
With a strange game plan

Sun on my face I am empty
No more sorrow
Spare me memories I am the man
From tomorrow
Sun on my face I am empty
No more sorrow
Spare me memories
I am the man
From tomorrow

The boom bang bringer I'm slinging my slang to the beat
My nose starts to bleed every time I use mind control on human beings
Freaky-deaky action on some blood nosed pussy boy Black-attack-black shit

M.S Dos
No teeth just gum rooi wyn numb dumb thumb my bum
Wanking on the pavement
Face in the sun no home having tollie trekking trollie trekkers snollie piss bier kots shit kak fokken lekker
'Jou ma se poes' Jou ma se poes was 'n hoerhuis (Hey ek se blaar vokken)
Shut up you kick your bitch in the head while she pisses in the gutter
Cardboard reality what mothafucka

So that's cool you gonna play it back now


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