Ygtut - Mind ya business

Yeah N***a it's that same N***a on that same shit
Never changed when
N***as switched up just for the payment
That was some lame shit
Remember I use to hit a stain quick
That petty change shit
Tryna get all my N***as out the struggle that we came in
Really I ain't got time for these fools
Tryna make shit shake and bust moves
Really I just gotta win so you lose
N***a you ain't too cool to be schooled
A N***a shine too hard to throw shade
Really I ain't got too much to prove
Ya girly she say that she wanna hang
and I just might i don't like to be rude
I'm just like what you try to be dude
The real deal now ya bitch want a feel
A real freak now the bitch wanna film
the shit leak, it wasn't me
I'm tryna get M's like MmmMmm
Smokin that good N***a mmmMmm
Just made a right off of glenwood
Bumping my shit through the Kenwood

N***as talkin shit
We don't hear em
We don't listen
Run they mouth like hoes
N***as gossip more than bitches
Got your honey on the phone
And she talkin bout she wit it
Got a neck piece full of stones
Little N***a mind ya business

Money on the phone
Little N***a mind ya business
Neck piece full of stones
Hit the light and blind ya vision
I won't take her to my home
I can't show her where I'm livin
When a N***a make it on change my number Umma switch it
Riding on the chrome if I'm in it then it's tinted
9 Times out of 10 if you in it then its rented
N***as ain't,
Ain't never had shit cause u spend it before u get it
Act like u rich N***a who u kidding
Pockets on empty so now u stealing
And I need it all back I mean all that
Tell them N***as to fall back
Young Luke in the cut wit a ball bat
Dez creeping up where ya broad at
Lando got the bottles n all that
Ready to squabble n all that
Missed call from a model ain't call back
Damn why she all on my ball sack
I gotta eat
I'm payin the bills
You N***as sleep
N slipping for real
You wanna be
In the street and the field
I'm tryna be
Rich as uncle Phil for real
You N***as better think twice n go n get ya money right
And brown just got a new chain so the N***a think he shining now

Writers: Kevin Lebron Adams

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