Drake - Sooner than later

I forgot to call you on your birthday
You swear your the last thing on my mind, girl
There is nothing I can to do to fix it
All you ever ask me for was time

When the lights don't glow the
Same way that they use to
And I finally get a moment to myself
Imma realize you were everything I'm missing
And you tell me your in love with someone else
So can you do me a favor
If I pull it together, make it sooner than later
We won't be here forever
And I realize I waited too long, but please don't move on

You don't need no one else (4x)

You just changed your hair and it looks perfect
Wish i was the first to let you know
Every chance I get to make it better
I just find a way to let it go


You don't need no one else (4x)

If a girl of the world you see someone gotta lose
I thought I could have it all, do I really gotta choose
What good is all the cash, if it doesn't buy time
And what good is being famous, if I'm never on your mind

Night's fallin, light's glowin
And I'm just tryin to pay the price on
And I don't wanna feel the comfort
From my ice showin
And I don't wanna be without you at the right moments
Nigga nice goin
Is it worth it that decision
Cuz hearts break and I ain't tryin to be in that collision
So imma dust my shirt and fix my pants
Cuz I better look good girl if this my chance, I swear


You don't need no one else (5x)

Writers: Aubrey Drake Graham , Dalton Tennant

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group , Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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