Disney - That's All I Need

{Sung by Timon}
There's more to life then panic
And being some other guy's snack
I may be delicious..organic
But this little entree's fighting back

I'm gonna put digging tunnel's behind me
And live at a new altitude
I'm gonna reach for the stars to remind me
That meerkats are not merely food

For once I'll be
Looking out for meeeee!

I'll tell you what I want
This kat is moving on!

Who's missing out on fun
I'll be the big cheese
Far on the desert scene
A little cooling breeze
A little patch of green!

And I'll be snoozing in my hammock by a rippling stream
Many miles from any tunnel & the digging gene
Looking after one will be my only greed

That's all I need
That's all I neeeed

I've always been good at running away
Well now I'm gonna run to shore
I've always been seen as the ultimate prey
But now my status aint so - quo?

A dream sublime... It's timona rubbel? tiiime

I've never been the type
chorus: (To have the perfect home!)
To form?
chorus: (where no hyenas roam)
Above the meerkat role
chorus: (Where it's a shoe & sin)?
In some organic hole
chorus: (That you won't have to live!)

And all that ? rot
chorus: ( )?
Is just a cunning plot
chorus: ( )?
Oh coming through the bronx
chorus: (I bet you've seen some time)
I aint nobody's lunch
chorus: (You oughtta run & hide)

This isn't for the birds, it isn't monkey shine
I aint asking for a lot but what is mine is mine
You never wanna argue with a chorus line

That's all I need
chorus: (Yup, that's all he needs)
Whoah, whoah - I beg it pleeease
chorus: (Oh I beg & plead)

That - is - all...
chorus: (He's given all he's got)
chorus: (Oh I beg & plead)?
chorus: (He's given all he's got)
cuz that is what I need!

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