Disney - I'd Stick With You

You mean if ever
I'm in any kind of
Great big mess or trouble

I'd be right there
We'd be a pair

You mean you'll never
Leave me all alone
We'll always be
A double, we two?

That's the arithmetic
I'd stick with you

Just say we're
Hanging by a rope
Above an evil witch's brew pot
It's bubbling blue
With sticky goo
Our rope gives way
And then we crash
And make a splash
Inside her stew pot of glue

Even if you're sticky slick
I'd stick with you

Through all the thin and thick
Closer than frack and frick
We two will do the trick
I'd stick with you

Fast as the clock can tick
I'd be there just as quick
No one I'd rather pick
I'd stick with you.

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