Disney - Don't Even Try It

Don't try to stress me; you don't impress me
Cause absolutely, it's obvious to see
I know you got your wiff, now you're gonna trip,
Keep movin poser boy, stop, take a step back
I'm not playin witchu; I got a good exscuse,
I'm only 17, thinkin, 'Oops, you betta leave,'
I'm not niaeve, I really don't beleive you when you're sayin, 'just a minute'

Don't even try it, what part of 'no' don't you understand?
Don't even try it; say goodnight; say goodbye
Don't even try it, no, you betta keep away witcha hands
Don't even try it; say goodnight; say goodbye
Don't even try!

Why are you comin back? You didn't get the hint?
I told you once before, unless I lose it.
Don't get an attitude, cause I'm not feelin you,
I'm tryin to keep it real boy, now who's foolin who?

I know that's not your car,
You got no credit cards,
You said you live alone, but your momma's on the phone,
I'm not some silly girl,
I don't wanna live in your make-beleive world


Now look this way
Let me take a minute, try to explain
See ya talkin from the time they give you so much sencerity,
You know that just don't work for me
Boy and hearin every words you say,
But your lies are gettin in the way,
You're just adding to confusion with no hope of resolution,
baby, not gonna play that way

(Chorus 1 time slow and 3 times run together regular speed)

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