Disney - Lester's Possum Park

Now gather 'round, my possum pals, join the jamboree
Come hoot and howl and holler from the heart
And every chicken, pig, and goat will help
By givin' out a yodel, here at Lester's Possum Park!
Lester's Possum Park!

Skin that cat Beula!

Visit Beula's farm of fiddles
Pet our varmits, taste our vittles
Lulu's lizard gizzard pie's a work of art!
Then do a do-si-do and dance
Like there's a possum in your pants
Down at Lester's Possum Park!

Well don't you wanna be?
A-hangin' from a tree?
We're mighty glad to see ya
And the parking's always free!
Here at Lester's
Possum Park!

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