Disciple - Whiney britches

Verse 1
you breathe right through
I act like I don't care
wondering if everything I do
will make you stop and stare
if only your eyes could see me
a pity I don't get my way
we need to be thankful
for living another day

why can't I be?
feel sorry for me
I'm accident prone
just leave me alone

There's a lazy man that sits in the house
with his head propped back and his feet kicked out
I lay around and whine all the night while
I'm letting my life just pass me by
Lord forgive the way that I am (Psalm 25:18)
and I need You to help to stand (Isaiah 50:8)
help me up and make me be strong (1 Corinthians 16:13)
and I will praise You all life long (Psalm 145:2)

Verse 2
excuse me for living
I don't mean to complain
I know that you don't have
anything quite like my pain
you see me driving
I'm riding in my car
you know that you can't see
because it don't go that far


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