Islands - Islomania

when you feel uptight
in your satellite
let it bring you down
so I can come around
when you harmonize
i will materialize
you can see the signs
when you close your eyes
some come fast and
some come slow yeah
some when you're high
and some when you're low
when you feel let down
in the underground
if you come up for air
i will meet you there
when it's hand in glove
when you feel unworthy of w
when it comes from above
i do it for your love, i do
dor you and no one else
i do it for your love, i do
so do it for yourself
and it comes fast
yeah it comes slow
then it comes high
then it goes low
and it comes quiet
softer now
then you're inside it
and it gets loud
i do it for your love (islomania)

i do it for your love (islomania)
i do it for your love
i do it for your love
and every night the sun goes down
we lose a little more each day
and everytime you come around
you say it all comes rushing back some way
when you crossed (islomania)
were you lost? (islomania)
when you cried (islomania)
when you died (islomania)
when i send my love (islomania)
do you get enough? (islomania)
when you hear this sound (islomania)
will you come around? (islomania)

Writers: Nick Thorburn

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