Xael - As decreed: the law of vuul athmar

AS decreed, the sovereign invade and feast
On the planets that aredire and weak

The law, dictates the reign of the superior
The rule of blood is take what you can kill

Vuul Athmar, demands its defector
The price is blood as decreed, this is the law

From regions of darkspace
retrieving the instigator
To stand accused, crimes of vuull athmar

Kneeling before, in her splendorous shadow
The final law, disintegration

Blood for
vainglorious desire

It is the law that blood be spilt upon the altars of penance
A blessing to goddess of death

I've crossed the ocean of eia
And by our hands, the old worlds fell
All hail her majesty
Her law is our decree

I wade the oceans and wared titans
And watched the old worlds fall
All hail her majesty
Her law is our decree

Writers: Joshua Ward

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