Ayo beatz - My way

Chorus: Ayo Beatz
I just wanna get by and live life comfortably
Them breddas wanna test I them guys can't come for me
I know I came up on a next vibe no gyal no company
But she's giving me the best wine that might be the one for me
And I pray that everything go my way, go my way yeah
Cheddar in the bank so it go my way, go my way yeah
Leng ting and she wanna just got my way, go my way yeah
And this life we live it like oh ah ay, we live it like oh ah ay, ah ay ah ay ah

Verse 1: Ayo Beatz
Eveywhere I go man I get it popping
Hit the West End when I go out shopping
Two peng tings so I have more options
Probably why the pagans them keep watching
Now they wanna phone me, remember when they didn't wanna know me
Now they keep chattin' bout the old me, they keep chattin' bout the old me, yeah yeah
But I'm just on my campaign ting, champagne ting
Gally on the side on a plantain ting
Buss five bottles now your man hating, but he didn't say nothing when the gang came in,
no yeah, no ratings, slide thru' make a man go skating
How you gonna chat about the boy ain't in when your swaggers on an 0 8 ting oh lord

Chorus: Ayo Beatz

Verse 2: Kida Kudz
Back then you didn't wanna chat to me
You was moving mad and boujee, now you wanna chat to me
Coz I'm living my life like a movie
Every other day we bubbling
Get money I don't wanna struggling
Legit money if you wanna call police
Straight red flag if you're onto me
When I'm on the dance yeah I do my moves
Balenciaga dey go check my shoes
Got your miss on my line saying yes I do
You already know I be the gyal dem juice eh
Be the gyal dem juice
Anywhere we dey bring the gyal dem thru'
And tell her make she come my way
I tell her make she come my way eh eh

Chorus: Ayo Beatz

Writers: Olukayode Odesanya , Gursevak Kalsi , Ezekiel Oyewole

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