Trixter - Human era

(Steve Brown,PJ Farley)

It's been such a long time
still I'm glad to see your face
and all the years of time we've spent
can never be erased
Ringing true is the thin line
of being who we are
to never judge or cast a stone 
to hide behind the scar

 Here we are now so much older
 a little wiser and so much bolder
 Here we are now not dated
 a little torn yet far from jaded

Is it any wonder
we're still together
We built this in a HUMAN ERA
Forever in the way we live our lives
Pressure when we're under
 Only made it stronger
We learned this in a HUMAN ERA
Heart to heart and eye to eye

It seems like the high road
when you have the words to say
No matter of the consequence
Speak up face to face

Writers: STEVE BROWN , PJ Farley

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