Zack burgess - Running shoes

got out of bed like a forest toad
feeling at a loss like no one knows
the track is long but the way is narrow
gotta be fast to match an arrow

got a lot of running to do
better wear your running shoes
on the day of rolling thunder
if you lose your way just keep on running

zen masters say when you climb that mountain
get to the top and keep on climbing
we say hi you pull the trigger
got a small case of the bad town jitters

got a lot of climbing to do
better wear your climbing shoes
might get cold, take my jacket
i know it's pretty late but we ain't near done yet

work in the rain to make that dollar
praying in vain for peaceful slaughter
the sun will shine and peace will roar
i don't mind dying poor

got a lot of walking to do
better wear my walking shoes
drink red wine and kiss the shake
i'll see you at end now turn the page

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