Vory - Lucky me

Oh, yeah

Girl, I been up for days
I swear these hoes they be choosin'
I say what I do
They do what I say, yeah (yeah)
All work no play
They know time is money, I cannot afford to give em' my day
Today (yeah)
I might break the silence 'bout some shit I wanna speak on
Cast them demons out, I tell em' "begone"
I ran up that check and put my team on
I'm not regular, they like, "What the hell is he on?"
I was broke I know I had to get paid
Pop was trippin', couldn't do minimum wage
Bitches fronted on me, I could never get laid
I walk in your meetin', I'm like three hours late
Shooters on my roster
I live like a Rockstar
You mad 'cause I'm everything you not so
And I know that you mad, uh
Oh, lucky me, she say that she fuck with me
Oh, lucky me (say)

Writers: Rupert Thomas Jr. , Matthew O'Brien , Zale Epstein , Tavoris Javon Hollins Jr.

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