Penny and sparrow - Neat christmas

I know you're here to pick up the dog
But maybe stay a bit more
This year was long and rough on us all
We both deserve a stiff pour

Can I convince you to cancel the splash
That water will wear down the proof
Let's you and me get drunk off our ass
And listen for hooves on the roof

Let's have a neat Christmas, like we used to
All three of us, just like it was
Let's have a neat Christmas, don't you want to?
I've changed a ton you'll see
Let's have a neat Christmas

I understand, no I'm totally great, you're seeing someone and that's fine
Hey will you pass over your glass, I'm pouring the rest into mine
No! I'm not angry, my throat's really dry, the roads will be shit ya'll should go
You've got the dog and that new friend me? I've got booze and the snow

Sounds like a neat Christmas on my lonesome,
On my top shelf with nobody else
Sounds like a neat Christmas here without you
Wait, that sounds kinda nice.

I could have it all, I could have it all to myself

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