Passion - Too bad for baby

Too Bad for Baby

Long legs in my bed she's straight outta hell
high heels and tight jeans this girl likes to sell
Hot rodded lover with a twist of the hip
we shared a hit of whisky I gotta have my fix
yeh playing bad at home never did her no harm
she said come on now baby will ya do me wrong

She's ready and hot and she's aiming for the top
its too bad too bad for baby
Rolling the dice yeh she's setting up the heist
too bad too bad for baby

Bad girl her world she'll take a man and make him scream
wild beast dressed in silk lace and pearls
hot loaded sugar gonna show you the world
I kissed the devil then she threw me on my back
I felt the heat rising she was on the attack
a fire breathin' love stealin' love machine
that engine keeps on burning but the oil ain't clean

Writers: Daniel Rossall

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