Passion - Trespass on love

Trespass on Love

I've been around girl I lost my faith
you'd better know I'll be on the case
Come on now watch me work
the judge and jury gonna make it worse

I really loved ya you better know what's coming now
you signed this contract now this mandates going down

Trespass on Love
Don't break into my heart
Trespass on Love
Told you from the start
I never should have let it
but now I can't regret it

You're under lock and key
Don't trespass on love

You think it's cool you're acting smart
you go around breaking every heart
I made my orders you mark my words
the court house rules you'll be over turned

We nearly made it but lovin' comes and money goes
I tried to give it all decision overthrown

Each time I turn away every time I leave you
I thought that love was supposed to be our saviour baby

Writers: Jonny Thornton , Daniel Rossall , Ben Christo

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