I Am Destruction - Gehenna's Beckoning

Self-realization, I am my father's son. His impression on me is strong. Instructing me to my final destination. Forcing me onto a path that I did not get to choose. Therein lies the question, do I accept this fate, or do I take it into my own hands? I know the ending, but I don't want to accept it. My fears overrule my better judgment.
I've always known. Every day it drags me closer. Whispering, wanting, lusting for life. Enticing me with its splendor. The Void.
It beckons.
Rolling blackouts, no memory. I awake with blood on my hands. It seems I can't control it now. I'm influenced beyond finding the truth, and now I'm acting out on impulse.
Killing. Mutilating. Thirsting, forever lifeless.
My head falls back, as I cover myself in fluid.
This must STOP. I can feel My head falls back, as I cover myself in fluid. Gehenna has won, I am now its prisoner. I slip myself away, to find eternity, never to find rest.

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