I Am Destruction - Burgeoning Adversary

As he grows, I mold him and shape him to be the man he is destined to be. Strong, vigilant, a bringer of light. Leading the world to its end. Each day passes and he grows in stature. Not only in body, but in his mind. Intelligent, wise, a bringer of death.
The omnipresent hands of YHWH are always searching. Hunting for the opposition to the Kingdom of God.
The heavenly host, the slaves to the Father. Carry out his nefarious intentions. Mindless they blindly follow his words. The tools for containment, control. The shepherds over the flock.
They darken the skies. Coming. Coming to eradicate the adversary.
BEHOLD! They descend! The mighty hands of God. Their hands grasping for him I try to fight it, but I'm easily overtaken.
I'm mistaken. They were never reaching for him. They come for me! Their reaching grip, opens my mouth, and they consume. Forcing themselves inside.
I am not my own now.
No longer in control now.
Begging and pleading I hope for response. Save him the horror of life's cruel grasp.
From the heavens I heard the voice, almost as a song
Your son is anything but innocent. He will feel the fire from which he was born

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